Mobilization – Hazard Pay

Sisters and Brothers:

I am writing this today as we stand in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, back to back, unified in our request. The COVID-19 Pandemic has created many workforce issues such as social distancing efforts, shelter-in-place orders, along with general efforts to lessen the spread of the virus for the good of the public. This includes the demanding vaccine mandates implemented by AT&T. We believe both Communication Workers of America and AT&T understand that the company is an essential business that is instrumental in efforts to promote the operation of the economy, support healthcare safety, support emergency services efforts, and inform the public of critical developments through its communications services and media businesses. With this belief we both then must agree that employees of AT&T, which are also members of the CWA, are essential pieces and should be treated as such.

As the coronavirus, Delta and other variants surge, I urge you to demand AT&T reinstate the 20% per hour hazard pay for all CWA members. At a time when AT&T and other employers are implementing mask and other social compliance mandates for employees, and workers are experiencing spikes in positive coronavirus, and other variants such as the Delta variant cases amongst all workers, reinstating hazard pay shows appreciation for the continuing sacrifices of workers on the front-lines of this pandemic who are putting their physical and mental health, and that of their families’ at risk everyday to service our communities and ensure our essential business.

Over the last year and a half we have heard repeatedly from members about the stress and physical harm caused by the coronavirus. Even now unacceptably large numbers of members have been and continue to be infected at work and brought it home to their spouses, children, and spread to their community – many who also fell sick. We still hear about the lingering symptoms of members who contracted COVID-19 while in the commission of their work responsibilities. Now as we hear about more CWA members who are testing positive with the coronavirus including the Delta variant and other variants, we are even more adamant that AT&T should reinstate hazard pay to all workers. Throughout the pandemic, CWA members continue showing up at work, often working longer shifts and even working extra weekends, to make sure our essential work continues and the public is secure and well served, all the while profit margins continue to reach historic highs.

We ask that CWA Leadership work with AT&T to reward the sacrifices of their employees by reinstating hazard pay and publicly voicing your support for CWA workers. 

In Unity

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