The Communications Workers of America Local Union 6215 has just concluded an empowering Mobilization Event, with guidance from Chad Hefner of the T&T National Mobilization Committee (NMC). This event was designed to underline the significance of unity and collective action, serving as a beacon of encouragement for members to stand together, disseminate information swiftly, and shift the balance of power favorably for workers everywhere.

Presented by the Telecommunications and Technologies office of the CWA, this event was more than a series of discussions. It served as an energetic mobilization platform, offering dynamic role-plays, shared bonding experiences, and a visual representation of unity, with members donning custom-made “Union Strong” t-shirts. These union-made, red t-shirts, bearing a design emphasizing the “36 Reasons to Thank a Union,” a key topic from the event, were specially ordered and distributed for this occasion.

The enthusiasm and dedication showcased by the members were truly inspiring. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all participants for their steadfast commitment and to the Executive Board of Local Union 6215 for their constant support. The success of this event is a testament to your tireless efforts. Together, we are stronger, and together, we continue to build a brighter future for all workers.

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Great progress starts with small acts. The consistency and dedication of this team has is rivaled by none. Thank you for all you do for all our members

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