Turns out forcing your workers to take experimental vaccines may not be all it’s cracked up to be! Originally heralded as lifesaving COVID-19 killing science juice – the trusting masses consumed all they could, to protect themselves and others from the deadly virus. Fast forward to current year where our once beloved vax jabs no longer have that new car smell and sparkle.

Lady crying for unknown reason 🙁

It really doesn’t matter if you love the “Fauchi-ouchie” or not – if you feel its waning efficacy further negates its utility – or not, it doesn’t matter. Those two weeks of lock downs and mask wearing and all the nifty “science” have been stretched out for more than 2 years and yet here we are – playing pretend and going through the motions. Is this the first time we have learnt government, pharma companies and/or huge as fuck corporations are not trustworthy? Maybe its different this time, anything is possible.

Long story short – big companies are dropping the jab demands because… science! And it has nothing to do with politics or optics or society collapsing in front of us – that’s all conspiracy nonsense. Science!

From CBS MoneyWatch:

As some of the biggest U.S. employers lift mask mandates for vaccinated workers, other companies are going even further and discarding requirements that employees get their COVID-19 shots.

Germany’s Adidas told its U.S. workers on Monday that it would no longer require they get vaccinated against the virus. 

“Though no longer required, we strongly encourage all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and will continue to require all employees in the U.S. to submit their vaccination status by March 1,” an Adidas spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch in an email.

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This is a bad take.

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